About us

The company

TCA was founded in Milan in 1982.

We are a family owned company that has been able to develop a high technology designed at the production of plugs, model aircraft accessories and on behalf of third – party products.

The company is located in Trezzano Sul Naviglio near Milan on a 500 square meters area. We have the advanced technology machineries suitable to support any specific needs of our activity

The goal of our company is to produce top quality materials and cope the needs of our customers.

What We Offer

The TCA develops in house all the materials produced through 2D/3D drawing programs, and realizes them with CNC machines and more. We have the possibility to customize our articles and to develop new ones. In order to avoid defects we submit at specific controls each single piece of the production.

We cooperate with a group of expert pilots to carry out dynamic tests for each single item we produce. The Plugs are fully produced within our company so we have under control all the production phases and we can guarantee the top quality and reliability. The filament used is an alloy with a special composition made by three metals (platinum/rhodium/iridium) and it ensures the best yield and resistance.

These features make our glow plug the best compromise between performance and cost and giving an add value at the usage of your engines.