They are an evolution of the Blue line. They consist of two parts assembled together with a special closure that allows the two components to rotate each other.

This special rotating system guarantees a perfect tightening on the motor head, preventing the spark plug from unscrewing for vibrations during the flight.

Its adhesion to the head is adjustable to every head on the market, preserving the inner cone and excluding any possible loss of pressure, offering to the engine the best performance.

The Blue line Evo are made using the best materials, such as the Blue line. Our filament formula remains unchanged because it guarantees the best quality present on the market today.

They are competition glow plugs designed in cooperation with expert pilots flying at international competitions in the categories F3D.

The cooperation allowed us to create a product with the highest quality, reliable and durable.

A special gaskets and sealing system has given rise at a plug perfectly sealed without air bleeding.


– ART. 11310025 : BLUE LINE EVO N. 5 – (WIRE DIAMETER 0,25)

– ART. 11310027 : BLUE LINE EVO N. 7 – (WIRE DIAMETER 0,27)

– ART. 11310029 : BLUE LINE EVO N. 9 – (WIRE DIAMETER 0,29)